CUPE Local 82 Ratifies Agreement With The City

Monday December 7th, 2020

Posted at 6:30pm


The Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 82 and the City of Windsor announced the ratification of a one-year collective agreement on Monday.

Administration and union leadership decided to seek a one-year term, to closely mirror the terms of the expiring agreement, in recognition of the difficulties that longer-term negotiations would have placed on both parties during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Approved terms include a one-year contract, to expire December 31st, 2021,  1.25% economic increase for 2021, employer to pay Ontario Dental Association 2021 rates for dental services and rolling over contract terms with the vast majority of all contract language remaining the same

The economic increase of 1.25% is in line with the previous increases given in each year of the last contract term (2017-2020) and secures = CUPE Local 82 ratified the agreement on December 6 with an overwhelming 98% affirmative vote.

Local 82 members usually perform duties in a variety of departments consisting of Environmental, Facilities, Forestry, Horticulture, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Waste Water Treatment and Pollution Control.

In the spring and summer, the City of Windsor worked with CUPE Local 82 to redeploy staff from municipal operations to community organizations in need of frontline support during the pandemic, primarily at the Unemployed Help Centre (UHC). Staff have been assisting with food hamper sorting and assembly, drive-thru pickup, June 27 Miracle – sorting and packing, UHC kitchen assistance and community garden planting and maintenance.

Members were also redeployed to Huron Lodge to assist with screening of visitors at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they assisted with enhanced cleaning throughout the corporation. The City of Windsor further recognizes the generous contributions of CUPE Local 82 during the course of the COVID-19 emergency through their multiple acts of in-kind and charitable giving, through volunteerism as well as financial contributions.

“CUPE Local 82 is a terrific partner. Since the first days of the global pandemic, their entire team stepped up to support the City of Windsor and our community partners and made a significant contribution locally. This collective agreement represents an acknowledgement by union leadership for the need to move forward together as we work through the second wave of COVID-19,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

The same terms as ratified by CUPE Local 82 are being applied to City of Windsor non-union employees for 2021. Contract discussions with CUPE Local 543 remain ongoing in the hopes of reaching a similar one-year agreement to extend the expiring collective agreement until the community recovers from the public health emergency.

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