Cohorts Dismissed From St. Joseph Elementary And Corpus Christi Catholic Middle School

Saturday December 5th, 2020

Posted at 8:51pm


The Catholic School Board dismissed a cohort of 19 students from Corpus Christi Catholic Middle School Friday after receiving notification of a confirmed case of COVID 19.

The individual confirmed case was part of the Sports Academy program at Central Park Athletics and was not in attendance at the main campus of Corpus Christi.

On Saturday, the board said they dismissed a cohort of students from St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in River Canard after receiving notification of two confirmed cases of COVID 19 there.

One class includes 20 students, while an additional group of 18 from a bus cohort were also dismissed.

In both cases the board says they have been working with the health unit by providing lists of students and staff who may have been directly affected. The health unit is contacting any individuals, both students and staff, who may have been affected, and will give directions for them to follow.

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