OPP Remind You To Lock Your Garage Doors

Wednesday October 14th, 2020

Posted at 7:33pm


Leamington OPP are reminding residents to participate in crime prevention techniques after finding several garages insecure.

Officers conducting patrols in the evening hours of October 13th, 2020 located four residences in close proximity to each other that all had insecure attached garages.

Officers, in attempting to notify occupants of their vehicle-garage doors being open, were required to wake the residents. One residence in particular had a door leading directly into the dwelling wide open. This residence required an officer to physically enter the dwelling to wake the homeowner.

The OPP reminds residents that a simple technique, such as setting a daily reminder on a cellular phone to secure the residence, can be enough to ensure your home and property are not left vulnerable to crime.

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