Unifor’s Deal With Ford Includes 6.8L Engine For Windsor, ‘Stabilized Employment’ & A ‘Bright Future’ Says Dias

Tuesday September 22nd, 2020

Posted at 12:23pm


Unifor and Ford Motor Company of Canada have reached a tentative agreement that will bring investment to Windsor and a three year deal with workers.

“We are now positioned to be the jewel in Ford’s crown, and a key part of Ford’s future success transitioning to greener technology,” said Unifor president Jerry Dias at a press conference to announce the details of the agreement on Tuesday morning. “As an organization, we’ve hit a home run.”

Dias says the agreement will include “investments as part of our settlement totalling $1.95 billion dollars to build electric vehicles in Canada, primarily in our workplaces in Oakville and Windsor” and a new 6.8 litre engine for Windsor that will be introduced in 2022.

“There’s no question that will give our [Windsor] plant some stability,” Dias said. “Right now we build engines for Ford’s most successful products, the F150 trucks, the Mustang.”

“If I’m working today for Ford in Windsor,” Dias said, “I’m not worried about layoffs, I’m thinking about the long term, I’m feeling very, very good about today’s announcement and Ford’s ultimate commitment to their footprint in Windsor and their members in Windsor.”

“The announcement for our facilities in Windsor includes a 6.8 litre engine which will stabilize the employment and quite likely create new opportunities which in the long term will pay dividends as it relates to the city of Windsor, the community of Essex County, the jobs of our members, but more importantly their contribution to their entire community,” Dias said. “But over and above the existing model that we have in Windsor, we’ve secured a derivative that will not only stabilize employment but will also create some hiring.”

Dias spoke about the security Ford’s investment will bring to jobs in Windsor.

“The Windsor complexes will be secured for the long term,” he said. “Ford has identified their Windsor facilities as one of their key powertrain operations.”

“So with that designation brings future investments,” Dias said. “We know that our members in Windsor will be employed for the long term, we know that there will be incredible opportunities for young people in Windsor for quite a while.”

Dias said negotiations have “come a long way for Windsor” compared to 2016’s set of negotiation where “there was a cloud over [the Windsor] facility.”

“That cloud no longer exists,” Dias said. “We have nothing, I would argue, but a bright future.”

Dias said the next target for Unifor’s Auto Talks 2020 negotiations is Fiat Chrysler.

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