St. Clair College Unveils New Zekelman Centre Of Business And Information Technology

Wednesday September 16th, 2020

Posted at 4:07pm


Construction has started at St. Clair College’s main campus following the announcement of the new Zekelman Centre of Business and Information Technologies.

The new facility includes a $23-million, two floor, 40,000 square foot addition to the southwest area of the campus that will include classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, an auditorium, an Esports Arena, and study areas.

The facility was funded by jointly by the college, the Student Representative Council, the St. Clair College Alumni Association, and the Zekelman family.

“We are thrilled to finally break ground and commence the construction of what will be the area’s predominant school of business,” said Barry Zekelman. “The Zekelman School of Business and Information Technology will provide a platform for future entrepreneurs to launch their careers and pursue their dreams.”


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