Walkerville Districting Plan Enters Second Phase With Community Engagement Survey

Sunday May 10th, 2020

Posted at 4:21pm


The City of Windsor and consultant BrookMcIlroy are looking for additional feedback on a new districting plan for Walkerville.

As part of the second phase of the project, a new community engagement survey provides opportunities for more detailed feedback on ten Initiatives, Improvements, Projects, and Opportunities (IIPOs) that emerged as a result of the visioning workshop.

Those are:

  • Riverfront Park & Pathway Connection
  • Railspur Linear Park
  • Devonshire/Riverside Gateway Parklet
  • Devonshire/Assumption Urban Square
  • Argyle & Monmouth Flexible Streets
  • Hiram Walker Alleyway Pilot
  • Riverside Drive Rebalance
  • Wyandotte East Gateway
  • Historic Walkerville Program
  • Walkerville Wayfinding Program

You can find the survey here.


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