Riverfront Retaining Wall Construction Will Close Riverfront Parking Lot

Wednesday November 6th, 2019

Posted at 9:00am


The City of Windsor will be using some open space on the riverfront to act as a temporary holding site for soil from the riverfront retaining wall project.

Elmara Construction will be moving the soil just east of Festival Plaza to grassy areas in Great Western Park in the coming weeks. The soil will be piled approximately one metre high and confined to the grass so it doesn’t impact the recreation trails.

Fencing will be installed to keep everything confined and the parking lot at the end of Parent Avenue will be closed for approximately two weeks to allow safe dump truck access to the site.

Tye city says that holding the soil in Great Western Park will save significant transportation costs, and the soil will be seeded so it too will become green space while the Festival Plaza improvements continue.

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