Kingsville Releases Draft Master Plan For Parks, Recreation, Arts And Culture

Friday July 5th, 2019

Posted at 11:00am


The Town of Kingsville has released a draft of their updated Parks, Recreation, Arts and Culture Master Plan.

“We recognize that maintaining a healthy balance between life, work and play, is a key goal for our municipality,” expressed Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos. “Our overall success in reaching this goal can only be accomplished by engaging and inviting our residents, community groups, athletic associations and user groups along with our creative arts and cultural sectors to participate in this important update and vital master plan.”

The draft Master Plan identifies park and facility improvements, enhanced programs and services, and suggestions for working with the community to achieve common goals.

Residents are invited to attend a public information session to provide their input on the key directions from the draft plan. The event will be held on Wednesday July 17th, 2019 from 6pm to 8pm at the Kingsville Arena Complec.

A copy of the full draft Master Plan is available on the Town’s website.

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