Parking Going Up At UWindsor

Wednesday May 15th, 2019

Posted at 9:00am


Parking rates at the University of Windsor are set to increase for the 2019-2020 school year, pending Board of Governor approval.

The proposed new rate for students for an 8-month surface lot pass will be $373.71, an increase of $10.88, a 12-month pass is $446.64, an increase of $13.01 and an 8-month Parking Garage pass will be  $569.69, an increase of $16.59.

A new eight month permit for the Lebel lot will cost $225.

The proposed faculty/staff permit will be $852.48, an increase of $24.83.

A pass for the pay and display lots will cost $785.

All rates are before tax.

The university states that the proposed rates continue to be below the median rate for parking at other Ontario universities.

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