Election Results 2018: Tecumseh

Monday October 22nd, 2018

Posted at 8:00pm

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Who is the new mayor of Tecumseh and who was elected to town council?

Here is a look at the unofficial results from the Town of Tecumseh election.


Gary McNamara (Acclaimed)

Deputy Mayor

Joe Bachetti 3507
Leo Demarce 1007
Rita Ossington 2447


Councillor Ward 1

Andrew Dowie (Acclaimed)

Councillor Ward 2

Bill Altenhof (Acclaimed)

Councillor Ward 3

Rick (Rico) Tonial 988
Dwayne Ellis 587

Councillor Ward 4

Brian Houston 683
Michael Ristoviski 334
Adam Ibrahim 221

Councillor Ward 5

Tania Jobin (Acclaimed)

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