Local Expert Blog: Use The Fall To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Storage

Saturday October 21st, 2017

Posted at 11:00am


For motorcycle enthusiasts there’s no better time of year to hit the open road than the fall. The weather is still warm, but not scorching hot, and the leaves turning colour, provide riders with stunning views.

Eventually temperatures will drop and riders will have to think about storing their vehicles until next riding season. Here are some helpful tips riders can use in the fall to ensure their bike will be safe, protected and ready to go next spring:

Storage: Avoid storing your bike outdoors during winter months; the ideal location is a heated garage. Before it gets too cold to ride, call around to some local dealers and ask about storage space or check with friends and family who live in apartments to see if they have parking spaces available for rent. You should also consider investing in a good quality cover.

TLC: Wash your bike before storing it to remove dust, bugs and grime that could ruin the paint. Give your bike an oil change, replace old spark plugs with new ones and make sure the anti-freeze in your bike is topped up. Check your tire pressure and fill them to just below the max pressure that your tires specify.

No unwanted guests allowed: Mice and other rodents may want to squeeze into exhaust pipes and air filters; you can prevent this by plugging these access points with an exhaust plug.

Check your insurance: While you’re at it, review your insurance policy to make sure you have the kind of coverage that suits your needs. Winter is a good time to give your agent a call to discuss.

Ensuring your bike is properly prepared for winter is important and allows for some critical maintenance and care that is sometimes delayed during the riding reason. Taking these steps to prep your bike for winter also means doing less work when the riding season returns in the spring – meaning you can hit the road sooner rather than later!

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