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Tecumseh Studio Focuses On The Healing Arts

Sunday July 7th, 2013, 3:00pm


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A unique approach to mind, body, and spirit healing in Tecumseh has really found its niche.

Integrative Healing Arts Studio wants you to relax, and they stress that relaxation is not an indulgence. The Studio features healing methods including Reiki, PSYCH-K, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy Massage, Yoga and Meditation, all with the common goal of body rebalancing and tranquility.

Integrative stresses an emerging trend of mind / body / spirit connections and the role that they play on physical, mental and emotional health.

We sat down with Crystal Energy practitioner Cindy Rivait who created the concept of assembling many talented practitioners under one roof:

windsoriteDOTca: How did you get started and what inspired you to create this space?

Cindy Rivait: About 7 years ago a good friend of mine Bernice Smith had called to tell me she had taken a Crystal Energy course and wanted to come by to give me a treatment. At that time I knew nothing about energy healing or crystals for that matter. However, I was feeling very stressed out and overwhelmed by life, which Bernice new and she thought this would help me. I was your typical working wife, mother, business woman running a successful construction company with my husband employing up to 15 people, raising 2 teenage boys and trying to do it all. When Bernice said this might help me relax I invited her over. I was open to try anything natural.

As I lay on my couch Bernice proceeded to give me the treatment which lasted about 30 minutes or so. When I got up from the couch I was in total amazement. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. I had never, in my life, felt that way. Ever! It lasted several days. Nothing had changed in my life, I was still working, raising the boys and doing it all, but I felt different. I was more at peace and I felt calmer, it was like all the stress and anxiety I was feeling had been wiped out.

windsoriteDOTca: What inspired you to create this space?

Cindy Rivait: I realized I was not alone in feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by work. It was challenging raising kids and managing the everyday demands of life. I remember days where I was feeling so stressed I would hop in my car and just drive with the music cranked trying to release the feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed. Although driving with the music loud helped, it only lasted for a few hours. I remember wishing there was a place I could go even for a few hours to find some peace and unwind for a few hours. I learned that similar treatments were available in the hospital for cancer patients and palliative care and I thought why isn’t this available for everyone at all levels of health. This inspired me to create a space for practitioners to affordably offer their services to everyday people.

windsoriteDOTca: What does Integrative Healing Arts Studio offer and why should people consider it?

Cindy Rivait: We make Earthezz aromatherapy room sprays and soap, meditation cushions, lavender eye sacks and Chrystal energy kits. We also offer a great place for practitioners to rent space for educational workshops or individual session for people seeking a healthier lifestyle. The services we currently provide include; Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Reflexology Meditation, Body Wisdom, Holistic & Nutritional counseling. Practitioners enjoy the professional atmosphere and opportunity to network and support each under one roof.

The goal of the studio for the public is to offer a professional, neutral and accessible place for people in the community who are curious and want to explore more about the healing arts. With the variety of techniques and the variety of practitioners, there is a better chance for a person to find the fit for their needs to help manage stress and anxiety and enjoy a truly balanced approach to their wellness routine.

windsoriteDOTca: What types of illness do the programs at Integrative treat?

Cindy Rivait: The healing arts have their focus on prevention of disease and not on finding a cure for illness

windsoriteDOTca: How do the healing arts at Integrative differ from traditional healing methods?

Cindy Rivait: We cannot be compared to traditional healing methods as we do not suggest in any way that practitioners heal people. Most people who seek out the services of practitioners in this field are looking for natural ways to relax, manage stress and anxiety. The treatments are not considered an alternative to western medicine rather they are complimentary. For years western medicine has focused on the treatment of disease. We are now finally realizing that we need to go to the root cause of disease. It’s no secret that stress is the precursor to most disease. What is offered through the practitioners in the healing arts are natural ways to reduce the effects of stress both emotionally and/or through nutritional guidance.

windsoriteDOTca: Who are the various practitioners at Integrative and what do they offer?

Cindy Rivait: The practitioners are from various backgrounds and training. All have a passion, born of their own life experiences, trials and tribulations, for sharing what they know to be of value in gently, but purposefully navigating the twists and turns of life. Each practitioner is part of the growing community of complementary treatments that support healthy living through stress management, anxiety reduction and self-care.

windsoriteDOTca: What would you like to tell the public about Integrative?

Cindy Rivait: Although energy healing is still a very new concept, for most people, it is quickly becoming recognized and accepted in mainstream health care. The value it brings to health care can be found in your nearest cancer care or hospice facility. Dr. Oz was one of the first surgeons to have Reiki practitioner and author Raven Keyes treating patients while he performed open heart surgery. A true holistic approach to health includes the body/mind/heart/spirit. When those four are supported and balanced you will find true health and vitality. The studio is a great place to discover the body/mind/heart/spirit connection through educational workshops or through personal one on one sessions with a practitioner.

Integrative Healing Arts Studio is located at 13,390 Sylvestre Drive in Tecumseh. Check our their website here,, or like them on facebook.

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