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Thursday November 8th, 2012

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Wow Today marks 3 weeks into this Fit-Life challenge!!

We cannot be more impressed and excited about the progress so far, the lives of these 4 have truly changed drastically in only 3 weeks.  It’s actually incredible and makes us feel so thankful and excited to be a part of this with them. Yes you read correctly I said these 4.. WE HAVE A MAN DOWN.  Steven has been a no show in over two weeks, he couldn’t make the commitment.  He wanted to make the change but there was no action so we are sad to say he is out of this Fit-Life Challenge!

The 4 Fit-Crew are rocking it!!! They are sharing with us on facebook all there recipes they are making, workouts they are doing on there own and really motivating and cheering each other on.  We are so proud and honoured to be a part of their lives now and we have all really become a close circle of friends.  Ck and I always have them on our mind and are excited to see them at every class they come to.  The Adrenaline Junkies are cheering them on in class and really pushing them to their max.

Here is our Report Cards as tonight’s class marks the beginning of WEEK 4:

Michele  Oh my goodness Michele is absolutely amazing, she is at 3 classes a week with the biggest brightest smile on her face.  At the beginning of this challenge it was a smile of excitement, today it’s a smile of pride and love.  To us in only 3 weeks she seems like a new women, she was always amazing but now theres a glow about her that is so touching and you know that she is so thankful for this in her life.

Michele’s fitness level has improved tremendously already. Faster on her feet, lower/ higher squats and lunges and her strength has doubled.   Michele is doing workouts on her own at home and is eating so clean.  Even when there’s potlucks at work she skips all the junk and eats only the salad that she brought.  She has more energy then she has in a long time. Last Saturday she told us she got up ate, planned her food for the week and grocery shopped all before our 10am class.. that in the past she would have maybe still even been in bed.   Michele we love ya girl and our so excited about you and the weeks to come.  We see the changes in your body inside out so we are going to now push you that much more.  GREAT WORK WITH YOUR  LIFESTYLE CHANGE this far keep going strong girl!!

NEXT STEPS:  Michele you are now ready to do all your pushups on the floor. NO more bench, you don’t need it and we believe in you!!!   I want you to kick up even more cardio on your off days from Adrenaline and post what you do on our Facebook Group.


John –   JOHN kicks BUTT!!  I have never seen someone giver and sweat as much as John in all my years of training.  He is inspirational and the Adrenaline junkies love him, ok maybe not his sweat dripping over all the equipment..but love his drive and it actually motivates everyone.  John has even motivated a few of his peeps from his school to come out.  He was hoping more would join him.. but I think they are scared! :)  The 2 that did come killed it and worked really hard and I was so impressed with them and their support for their boy John.  

John’s diet has made huge improvements, something we really worried about the first week in.  He has dropped coffee.. a guy going from 10 coffees a day to 0-1 a day is amazing in it’s self.  Not to mention he had a chocolate bar addiction too, proud to say he has not had 1 in 3 weeks. EVEN AT HALLOWEEN, he only ate 3  little M&M’s that his grand daughter wanted to share with him.  Way to Go Johnny!!

JOHN IS A NEW MAN!! He loves this Fit-Life challenge and already talking about how he doesn’t want it to end.  He has said that he will become an Adrenaline Junkies in the new year when this challenge is over.  WahooOOo. John feels the effects in all the aspects of his life.

John’s belly and his “man boobs” as he said to us from day one have definitely shrunk, his burpees look like real burpees now and his power lunges and squats are spot on.  The pushups this guy pushes out are amazing and we can tell he is super proud of all these improvments in his training and his diet.  SO proud of you JOhn!

NEXT STEPS:  John no more knees in our plank drills, AT ALL! You can do it just focus and dig deep.  I also want more cardio from you on your off days.  I want to hear of you going for 2 runs a week, just take off down the road from your house and give me 10-15 mins to start off and at a good pace.  Some speed walking inbetween the jogging is fine, but really push your limits.


 Stacey –  YOU ROCK!!  This girl has it down pat and we and everyone around her is so proud of her.  Her friends and roommate are supporting this change in her life and she is inspiring them along the way.  We are blown away by her hard work in class, she is already starting to keep up to some of the Adrenaline Junkies.  You can see the drive in her eyes when she trains and she doesn’t let anything stop her.  Stacey has a super busy life right now too, with her teaching, tutoring at night and all the food preparations she makes for this new way of eating.  

This pic is one of MANY.  Stacey shares everything she eats with us and she is getting so creative with her recipes to eat clean and healthy for her body.  I myself have been inspired by her food and have even tried a few of her recipes.  Thanks Stacey!! This try looks so good and CK and I are so proud of you and excited about the weeks to come.

Stacey is toning up everywhere and you can see how much lighter she is on her feet in training and her cardio levels have doubled from when she started this challenge. She is using heavier weights in our training and really kicking up everything she does in Adrenaline and at home.

NEXT STEPS:   Stacey I know your doing the AXFIT workout videos so I just want you to add in a run once  a week, at the gym or outside. 20-30 mins.  YOu got this girl.. keep it going hard and step up every move in class even more!! 


Angela –     ANGELA IS INSANE!!! This women is so dedicated it’s amazing.  She is down in her weight and in her inches, when I see her walk in the door to the gym every day she looks fitter.  Her smile and face is brighter and brighter too.  It’s unreal how much she has changed her lifestyle in only 3 weeks.  She has been to Adrenaline every single day but one Sunday since this Challenge started and that was only because she was out of town for work. As you can see below she still went to the hotel prepared for her workout. 

it’s actually crazy..  in 10 years of training I have never seen someone more dedicated to their training.  We are so proud of her and thankful to have her in this challenge.  I love the fact that i know I will see her everyday, I love training her.  She never gives up, if there’s a move she can’t do, hell no it doesn’t get her down she just improvises it and keeps going.  ANGELA YOU ROCK!  She writes this incredible blog that everyone loves to read, it’s hilarious and inspiring all in one.  She LOVES ADRENALINE.. I would say she is addicted to it so much that I told her it’s a good idea to take Sundays off from now on. A day of rest in the week is very important for her body and her training. So Stay away on Sundays Angela!!!  OH not to mention Angela is now doing the big step ups on the bench we use.. like this is amazing.. you will see it in the video below. I WAS SHOCKED when I looked over in class and she was hoping up and down from this thing.  She also has been using 8lb weights.. haha unreal.


Angela is eating super clean and is sharing all her recipes with everyone.. not just people in the challenge but her friends on facebook too.. we can only imagine how many people she is inspiring in the world right now.

NEXT STEPS:  Angela there’s not much more you can add to your week so I want you to just kick it up a little more in each class, so I want to see you as well doing some pushups on the floor. No more bench.  You can use your knees but I believe you are ready for this so let’s kick it up. 


Alright Fit-Crew this Saturday we will be working out at The Walkerville Brewery  (our main Sponsor ) lifting and squatting kegs and much more. So be prepared for this one. We will also be taking our 3rd Fit Test so keep practicing those pushups, planks and burpees cause the numbers will tell all.


Enjoy our Video of clips from the last few classes.




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