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Friday March 9th, 2018

Posted at 2:00pm

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A group of 22 new paramedics are on the job.

After a written test, successful applicants were chosen to complete a comprehensive paramedic practical evaluation. In addition, candidates were also required to pass a qualifying interview and physical fitness evaluation.

At Paramedic Commencement Ceremony held Friday afternoon the new recruits we were welcomed in front of their family and friends.

  • Mitchell Adam
  • Veronica Jarvis
  • Khaalid Ali
  • Dalton Kingston
  • Michael Awad
  • Tiffany Koniecki
  • Adam Bardgett
  • Mitchell LaDouceur
  • Patrick Biczysko
  • Kody Lauzon
  • Bart Czerniawski
  • Amanda McCarton
  • Jenna Diamante
  • Jessica Robson
  • Stefanie Dummer
  • Caullin Rundle
  • Christopher Dziedzic
  • Ray Serifi
  • Justin Elwgren
  • Dino Soulliere
  • Suhaib Hammoud
  • Meaghan Vieira


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