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Tuesday May 16th, 2017

Posted at 11:01am

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The County of Essex is planning some traffic flow changes to the busy intersection of County Road 22 and County Road 19.

County engineers say that the intersection is functioning at over capacity resulting in delays. The annual average daily traffic on County Road 22 is in excess of 40,000 vehicles including commercial vehicles traveling to and from manufacturing plants in Windsor, Tecumseh and Lakeshore.

They also point out that the current operation promotes stop and go patterns with significant delays and increased safety risks.

Proposed improvements include double left turn lanes from eastbound County Road 22 to northbound County Road 19 and from northbound County Road 19 to westbound County Road 22.

A right turn lane would be from westbound County Road 22 to northbound County Road 19 and from northbound County Road 19 to eastbound County Road 22. An additional thru lane for northbound County Road 19 north of County Road 22 would also be constructed.

A report to County Council says tat aggressive timelines are required to complete the proposed improvements in November 2017. The complexity and staging of the project are amplified by lane shifts, temporary signals, geometric realignment, grade changes and temporary partial closures of County Road 19.

Total cost for the work is $6,868,200.00.

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