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    Sunday September 8th, 2013

    Posted at 1:35am

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    There is a strike at the University of Windsor.

    The University says that they will remain open and that classes will continue during a CUPE 1393 work stoppage that began at 12:45am on Sunday, September 8th.

    The University and CUPE 1393 were unable to come to an agreement before the strike deadline.

    On Thursday, CUPE said that they were seeking modest improvements to wages and to maintain existing job security and job evaluation provisions.

    CUPE 1393 says they represent 281 skilled trades, professional, and technical employees including systems programmers, equipment technicians, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, database administrators, therapists, graphic designers, audio engineers, nurses, development officers, writers, communicators, specialists, coordinators and advisors.

    The University says “Remember you have the legal right to continue to come to campus and use all University services during a strike. Picket lines must keep moving and allow free passage of non-striking individuals, in and out. There will, however, likely be some delays so be sure to plan your time accordingly.”

    Officials at the University say that they will do everything it can to minimize the disruption. They direct everyone to the Bargaining Unit’s Website found here to see what services may be limited or discontinued during the work stoppage.

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    • Jessica

      This is a sad day for the 1,300 students living on campus, who the University promised to provide a safe living environment to parents and students alike. These employees are trained to handle and coach students coping with mental health issues, alcoholism and drug related concerns. The costs of a law suit surrounding any of these concerns far out weighs any wage increase. Due diligence on the University’s behalf will be lacking without these trained professionals out there working. For the students and guardians who have entrusted this University…please settle soon!

    • jesset55

      The whole country is getting really tired of public employees who think they deserve more than everyone else. They already get more pay, more benefits and more job security than about 98% of the private sector. Our high taxes go towards paying for these greedy public employees who are never satisfied and care nothing about this Country’s well-being.

      Why is it that when the economy tanks, everyone hurts except them? Why can’t we pay them on par with what employees in the private sector earn? Public sector employees regularly make six figures for jobs that require minimal schooling and certification – completely detached from reality!

      Life must be grand as a public employee. Let’s ALL go work for the government! Oh wait…then there wouldn’t be any poor suckers to fund our lazy asses.

      I say we outlaw government unions, outlaw any strikes that interfere in any way with students’ education, and pay public employees on par with the rest of us.

      Students pay a lot of money for University, and to suggest that your need for an even more disproportionate paycheque is more important than our Country’s education and future workforce is grounds for firing in my opinion.

    • John

      It’s a CUPE thing and as long as they’re not picketing at
      the WCFC I could care less.

    • Oldie49

      Is Wildeman the right man for the job? This is the second major disruption under his leadership! He seems to lack negotiating skills; “doesn’t play well with others” on his report card! His is a VERY well-paid administrator, directing others to take a pay cut! Rather hypocritical position for him to be so dogmatic, considering the donation to the CAW student centre at the University. Workers should take a cut in pay while bosses are untouched