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    Thursday September 5th, 2013

    Posted at 11:00am

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    Recently, Devonshire Mall completed a new solar bench and solar bikeport project in partnership with Green Sun Rising

    The solar bench seats four and it offers 120V AC outlets to charge laptops, cell phones, wheel chairs, or operate any hand-held electric device.

    The Solar bikeport can charge two E-bikes at the same time.

    The power provided is pure sinewave, 1000 W with 2000 W surge capability. It is an off-grid solar system, and operates autonomously totally without the grid. Wherever the sun shines, it will generate and store and provide power, all year around.

    Both can be found outside the main entrance to the mall off of Howard near the TD bank.

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    • julie

      which batteries and charge controllers are used by these charging stations?