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    Wednesday September 4th, 2013

    Posted at 2:00pm

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    An example is seen on the roof of Phog Lounge in Downtown Windsor

    A new art project titled Man in the Street could be coming to rooftops of the downtown core soon, pending approval from City Council.

    The project is the idea of Michigan based artist John Sauve, and consists of 43 inch flat orange metal men placed on rooftops of buildings, with a overall goal to “to activate the skyline, and encourage people to look around”

    The project will take place on both sides of the river with 30 pieces installed in Detroit and Five to be installed in Windsor.

    City administration is recommending that the five pieces be installed on the Art Gallery of Windsor, The Capitol Theatre, 350 City Hall Square West, 400 City Hall Square East and the Windsor Sculpture Garden.

    The installation has already begun in Detroit, and the artists hopes to begin the Windsor one shortly after approval is granted. A fall dedication is planned.

    If City Council decides not to permit the installation on the roofs of city owned buildings, then the artist will be encouraged to seek private partners.

    The sculptures will remain in place for two year and no city funding is required for this project.

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    • Cgurl

      Glad to finally have the story. :) I have seen the one on Phog for a while and wondered! Pretty cool that Windsor and Detroit will both have these art installations.

    • Michelle Soulliere

      Public art sends visual messages to it’s audience. What kind of message will these slim white collared men in suits on top of buildings be sending to the downtown residents, employees and patrons? To me, they’re saying “Here we are, able bodied business men making money, an ominous presence looming above you.” This project would be much more meaningful and interesting if the figures were representative of staple characters in the downtown core – like featherhat man or Jay Zemen from the Loop Complex. Here’s another idea: minorities and women in business suits? That’s more or an artistic statement, no?

      Seems like another easy way for the city to make it seem like they are providing a rich cultural experience for us. Put a checkmark in the box, you’re done!

      Public art is great! Meaningful, thought-provoking art that shows a clear, nuanced understanding of Windsor is better.