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  • Owen Wolter


    Tuesday May 21st, 2013

    Posted at 12:22am

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    Firefighters responded to two fires in the same housing complex just after 11pm, Monday night.

    Crews were called to 2614 Meadowbrook and 2609 Sycamore in East Windsor and found the laundry rooms in each building on fire. Both laundry room fires were extinguished and firefighters used fans to draw smoke from all of the buildings.

    Dozens of residents were forced outside during the fires as smoke spread throughout the buildings.

    No injuries have been reported.

    Windsor Fire & Rescue says the fires were intentionally set.

    Windsor Police are also on scene conducting an investigation.

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    • Jennifer Roldan

      OMG! This worries me a bit, however I’m not going to let idiots take me down! I have rights and I will exercise my rights to seek legal action if safety codes and such are not upheld by the landlord I will deal with when I move back into Windsor.

    • jackie

      only thing u can do is contact the landlord and tennant bureau they will enforce it that repairs be made