More Huron Church Road Construction Planned

Tuesday August 2nd, 2022

Posted at 9:00am


File photo of Huron Church construction in 2021.

More construction is planned for busy Huron Church.

The City of Windsor will be undertaking the work from Tecumseh Road West to Dorchester Road and Pool Avenue to Industrial Drive.

The work will consist of small and large sections of concrete panel repairs, including full lane repairs southbound from Dorchester Road to Tecumseh Road West. The removal and replacement of the center median between Dorchester Road and Tecumseh Road West and the island located in the Industrial Drive and Huron Church Road Intersection.

It also includes retrofitting existing catch basins to curb inlet catch basins along Huron Church Road, street lighting and traffic infrastructure work on the Industrial Drive and Huron Church Road intersection and small and large sections of curb and gutter construction. The concrete
sidewalks/driveway approaches will be removed and replaced as well.

Work is expected to start this month and last until the end of November.

On August 8th, City Council will be asked to approve a noise exemption to allow work to be carried out 24/7.

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