City Continuing To Expand Windsor’s Tree Coverage And Canopy

Monday June 20th, 2022

Posted at 6:23pm


The City of Windsor contimued to make progress expanding the urban canopy.

Since 2020, the City has invested $4.3-million toward efforts to expand, protect, and manage the urban tree canopy, with $500,000 for tree plantings being invested this year alone.

The City has doubled the number of large caliper trees that are planted to at least 2,000 per year, established a modern digital inventory of trees that are along streets and public parks, and completed the City’s first comprehensive canopy cover study. The results of the study showed Windsor’s canopy cover has risen to around 19 per cent, close to the average for large cities in Ontario, with further improvements expected.

This year, the City will once again plant in excess of 2,000 trees, with over 1,250 already planted this spring across all wards. The balance of trees will be planted during the fall planting season, that weather permitting will start at the end of September and finish by early November.

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