Kingsville And IBEW Local 636 Finalize New Contract

Wednesday November 24th, 2021

Posted at 6:35pm


Kingsville has reached a new collective agreement with its full-time union employees. IBEW Local 636 members ratified the contract on Tuesday evening.

“Our union employees are the heart and soul of our organization, and they work hard to deliver services throughout the community,” said Kingsville Chief Administrative Officer John Norton. “They’re the ones plowing the snow in the winter, ensuring we get the water we drink in our homes, and caring for our parks and cemeteries. They are the ones who greet you when you visit Town Hall. We’re lucky to have such a great staff in Kingsville.”

The new contract is a four-year term.

“It’s a good deal,” said Christine Armstrong, Business Representative for IBEW Local 636. “The Town of Kingsville demonstrated their willingness to work with the Union. Our members are very happy with the new collective agreement.”

The new contract takes effect January 2022.

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