Coyote Sightings Reported In LaSalle

Tuesday January 12th, 2021

Posted at 7:30pm


LaSalle Police are reporting coyote sightings in the town.

Police do say that none of these recent sightings have indicated any aggressive behaviour toward persons or pets.

They say that coyotes are entering their breeding season, which generally lasts until the end of March, when they may start rearing their pups. Coyote behaviour during this time may be more bold and protective of their territory.

If you see a coyote, keep your distance, and the animal will most likely avoid you.

If you encounter an aggressive animal, police offer these tips:

  • Never approach or touch a wild animal
  • Do not turn your back or run from a wild animal
  • Back away from the animal while remaining calm
  • Stand tall, wave your hands, and make lots of noise
  • Carry a flashlight at night

If any wild animal poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety, call the police.

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