Local Expert Blog: “I’ll Have an Order of Fresh Air, Please.”

Saturday July 20th, 2019

Posted at 11:00am


You’ve heard the saying “stop and smell the roses,” but have you ever stopped and enjoyed a breath of fresh air? Odds are you have, but probably didn’t realize how significant that breath of fresh air was.

Think about it: an estimated 94 per cent of our time is spent indoors, whether it is in our homes, workplace, or a car (that’s a lot of stale air). Meanwhile, we spend a meager 6 per cent outdoors. As a result, we tend to feel sluggish and slow at work when we are expected to be energetic and productive.

Of course, making you and your employees happier and more productive doesn’t just come from better air ventilation (though, that is a start). But it isn’t just about you and your employees, the business will benefit from better decisions and meetings from extra sun and air.

It’s All About Atmosphere

There is no need to sit on a noisy park bench with other great alternatives all around town! For one, our team at The Windsor Club sees first-hand the effects of fresh air and warm sun can do. When our Members take advantage of our wrap-around waterfront patio, they become livelier than when they walked in.

What stuffy workplaces don’t always have that we do:

  • The View

Did you know that the absence of natural light and outdoor views hurts the work experience? Our view of Windsor and Detroit an unbeatable ‘office’ view with unlimited natural light to boost anyone’s work day blues.

  • The Seating

Whether you choose the northside waterfront view, westside (optimal for sunset viewing), or relax in the southside shade, there is no such thing as a bad seat. So, choose to sit in a crowd or a quiet corner, you won’t be stuck behind the same old desk day in, day out.

  • The Fresh Air!

One great thing about a patio is that there is an abundance of air. You may feel air quality (or being outside) has nothing to do with your performance. However, some great minds have taken this question into serious consideration – professors at Harvard, Syracuse, and SUNY Upstate Medical University have wondered if the quality of air influences a worker’s ability to process information, make strategic decisions, and respond to crises. Their study found that better air quality does in fact facilitate better cognitive performance among employees.

Well, that certainly gives us food – or air – for thought!

Once you’ve made a visit and held a meeting or two, take the time to re-evaluate how you feel. The odds are you will begin to see the benefits fresh air in a great atmosphere will do, we certainly have!

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