Fit-Life Challenge: It’s The Halfway Mark

Thursday November 22nd, 2012

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So this week we asked the 4 Fit-Crew to write us a little note on how they have been feeling now that we are half way through this Fit-Life Challenge.  CK and I see a huge change in them mentally , physically and emotionally but  we wanted to hear from them. This is what they sent us. We could not be happier with their success so far and to see them actually stronger in class and accomplish exercises that they couldn’t even begin to do on day one is amazing.  Check out the video , it shows some great clips from weeks ago and then now.  Way to go Fit-Crew. You should all be very proud of your doing and make it the fuel to your fire and let’s keep kicking it up a level every single day.  With your food, water intake, training and mind.

Im on ya’s… these next few weeks are very, very important in your training…so get ready to step it up even more!



This journey I’m on isn’t about being thin – it’s about being happy, healthy, and confident. I haven’t stepped on a scale, nor do I plan to. I don’t care about that number right now. I care about how I feel. I care about making better choices that are healthier and that will lead me in the right direction. I can tell by how my clothes fit – some are loose and some that I haven’t been able to wear in a while now fit :):). I definitely don’t feel deprived of food! It’s amazing how delicious nutritious food can be! Almost everyday there’s temptation all around – from kids bringing me my favourite chocolate bars (Coffee Crisp) from their Halloween candy, to potlucks and pizza lunches, and friends drinking at social gatherings. But this time is different because I feel different. I no longer “crave” those things and when I actually smell and see some of it, it makes my stomach turn! I wouldn’t have been saying this a month ago. After a stressful day, I would be looking for “junk” to make me feel better. Now I have so much energy from my life changes, that I’m sure if I ate any of that “junk” I would feel like taking a long nap! It’s amazing how much I accomplish on the weekends – Adrenaline class Saturday mornings and grocery shopping (sometimes even before the 10 am class) followed by Sunday’s chores of laundry, house cleaning, preparing meals, and planning for work. Tears of joy come to my eyes when I hear and read all the words of encouragement from my friends, family and even strangers. My friend Jeanine said that she is very proud to have me as a friend and an inspiration! I would have never thought that I would be an inspiration to someone! And another friend Sheri wrote, “You are an inspiration Michelle! I honestly think if I was in another staffroom today when that cake came out I would have had a piece….but I DIDN’T because you were there and I did not want to let you down….I knew you could do it and that made me believe that I could do it too!! Thanks for being you and being such a great example for LOTS of us to follow as well as support along our journey to better health!” My husband has also been very supportive and often helps prepare meals so that dinner is ready when I get home from class. He, too, is enjoying eating healthier and has been working out with his cousin. The five words that I would choose to describe how I’m feeling right now are: amazing, inspired, motivated, blessed, and energetic. I am very thankful to have this opportunity. My coaches and cheerleaders, Danielle and CK are both amazing! And Stacey, Angela, and John are no longer my “competition.” They have become encouraging, supportive, and remarkable friends! I would also like to thank everyone (including all of you from the Adrenaline classes) for your positive words and support!


One month ago, to the day, I joined this crazy adventure called the Fit Life Challenge.  I thought I knew what I was getting into but I seriously had no clue.  I thought I would start out slowly, doing two classes a week, gradually kick it up to three classes.  I expected to keep working with my nutritionist.  I expected to lose some weight, but I think in the back of my mind, I was still very comfortable going through with the process of gastric bypass surgery.  Wow, has my world changed…in only 30 days.
I am so unbelievably grateful for this opportunity.  Most days I can’t believe it has only been a month.  I am so unbelievably thankful to Danielle and CK for putting in so much time with the Challenge.  The funny thing about it?  I have never once felt like they are doing this for any reason than the fact that they actually care about changing lives.I feel that I am ready to say goodbye to the Bariatric Program, and continue working toward my goals in the way, that I am personally comfortable, and that is best suited for me, my life, and my family.  I think this surgery is an amazing tool and genuinely necessary for some, however I think it is time for me to allow someone else who needs it more than I do at this point in my life, to take my place.
Danielle asked us one night to tell her, in one word, how this Challenge is having an impact on our lives.  Seriously?  One word is mpossible.  I have not only lost weight and inches, but I am stronger.  Physically (I actually did Burpees today!!) and mentally.  I have WAY more confidence than I have had in a very long time.  I have more energy to function on a day-to-day basis.  I am happier.  OMG, I am happier than I can ever remember.  I am happier in my marriage than I ever have been, because I am happier with myself.  I am busy, a lot…without being drained.  I feel like I am living a whole new life.  I am more confident being a mother to my children, because I am setting this amazing, healthy example for them.  I feel…alive.



Danielle our trainer asked all the contestants to prepare a short update explaining how we’re feeling after 4 weeks of our Fit-Life Challenge…
This entire process has been such a great thrill for me. From our daughter Tasia calling and asking me to fill out an online application for a weight loss / fitness challenge, through the phone call being accepted, meeting the other contestants, Michelle, Angela, Stacey and Steve on October 16 at Suicide Hill and working out with CK and Danielle, it’s been none stop fun.

I remember being a bit apprehensive about having a camera recording our journey, but after a few minutes with cameraman CK, you learn, he is not trying to show your bad side, but rather, document the process. I also remember on the first day, Danielle said, I’ll be losing the beer belly by the end of the two months if I listen to her and follow her plan. That day, I said, I would listen to her advice and so far it’s paid off!

As I am a few months away from 50 years of age, you begin to realize that life is not forever and there is mortality to life. I’d like to extend that. If gaining and holding on to extra weight is shortening my life, then it’s a no brainer to do what I have to do to lose that weight.
This many weeks later and I’m still struggling with eating the right kind of food that our nutritionist and Danielle would have us eating. I need to figure out what other foods work for me. I did cut down on coffee to one cup a day and am using milk instead of cream. I sense my Keurig coffee maker is starting to feel there is something wrong with our relationship.

So there are some important milestones to mention as part of this challenge…
• Kim (my wife) has decided to join me on this adventure, both with food purchases and in the gym
• It is encouraging to have friends (both from the college and axfit members) participate in the classes alongside me
• Danielle is working us harder and harder with each visit
• There is a bond developing between the contestants
• I feel better
I enjoy the fact that Kim works out with me at the gym. She is my support and it’s just fun to spend time together doing something other than working at home. I believe that if you are to be successful at this, you are going to need the support of family and friends. I really believe you cannot do this alone. At least, it’s much more fun having the support of family and friends.

The contestants are really helping each other, online with Facebook and personal emails, as well as in person at the classes. I’m not nervous going to the workouts anymore. I did not know how I would be accepted. I now realize we are all part of a team including the contestants, the other participants, the coaches, the trainers etc. Most important we are all there for a similar reason, to get in or keep in shape. To better our physical condition, to do one more pushup than the last time, to run a km further then the last run, to move off the couch and on to the track. For me, it’s now no longer a challenge against the others to win the contest. I feel I’ve already won.

I’ve added at least 8 new friends since this challenge. I also want to mention how welcoming all the folks are at the workout. It just feels right being there now after 4 weeks, they have words of encouragement, and support, and while I don’t know their names, they know mine, cause they keep yelling “get up John” when I try to sneak a rest in between Danielle’s extremely bad counting style! To new friends…

I feel better. I lost an inch off my pant size already. I understand the weight loss will not be as dynamic as one would wish, as we are changing / replacing fat cells to muscle and I guess muscle is heavy, go figure (no pun intended)…

Started at 216.8 lbs – this week down to 205.0 (a net loss of 11.8 lbs.) I think this is considered a healthy weight loss. Not too fast… but I’m no expert…

If you’ve been thinking of joining a gym to get in shape or a weight loss program, go with Danielle and her workout routine. It’s like having a personal trainer in a class setting all in one. She will teach you the right from wrong, dispel any myths, and keepyou on track. You’re going to pay for a gym membership anyway, so work with Danielle and get the results that will last. I’m telling you, it’s a great feeling when you have to use a new hole in your belt to tighter your pants, so they don’t fall down!

Thanks Danielle, Ck, Michelle, Angela, Stacey and my wife Kim.



This Fit Life Challenge has been an AMAZING experience! At first, I was hesitant to participate, and even a bit embarrassed to be put in the public eye, but I knew that this was the kick I needed to get the results I wanted. I have always had a gym membership, but it never seemed to work for me. From this challenge, I have now discovered what does work, and that is Adrenaline Fitness and Danielle Chevalier. I’m not going to lie, those first few classes were terrible! Danielle always says, “You didn’t drive here for nothing, push harder” and this is what I always do. I always challenge myself, try to lift more and run faster, and I am finally seeing results after only 5 weeks! I am getting stronger, but I know I still have a long way to go until I reach my goal. I can’t believe the amount of energy I now have, getting up in the morning isn’t as difficult and I no longer find myself crashing during the day. My friends have been very supportive and a couple of them are now coming to class regularly with me. After the challenge is done, I plan on joining Adrenaline and getting rid of my gym membership. Danielle is truly an inspiration and continues to motivate me at every class. I now look forward to going to her classes, and I even enjoy her yelling at me to push harder and to keep going! Danielle, you rock! John, Angela and Michelle are also amazing, and I really don’t feel like its a competition anymore. We are always motivating each other and I hope they continue with Adrenaline come the New Year. And Danielle, you can never make me like burpees!! I still think they are the worst things ever, and I will still call you names when you make me do them




We are pretty excited to have Michele and Stacey joining us for our UnLeashed class  this week.  UnLeashed is our most advanced class where we take it to the streets in different locations every week.  It’s an hour and a half and we never know where we end up, just go with the vibe and use all the urban elements around us to train on.   I’m going to push out every last ounce out of them! Wish them luck!

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