Error Correction Policy
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Error Correction Policy

Updated: April 22nd, 2022

Handling errors is important to the integrity of news reporting on windsoriteDOTca: it’s critical in maintaining trust with you, our readers.

When windsoriteDOTca publishes an error, we will take steps to correct that error as quickly as possible, both on our website, and on social media, if applicable.

Common Types Of Errors We Correct

  • Factual errors
    We make every effort to identify and correct factual errors as soon as possible, even if the subject of the error does not officially request a correction.
  • Contextual Errors
    Sometimes errors may not be a misstated fact, but may in fact be a matter of context, nuance or tone. We strive to correct these types of errors and may clarify the mistake with an editor’s note.

All corrections may be verified by the reporter, photographer or editor who made the error, and may also be verified entirely by an editor. All corrections must be made by an editor.

If a request for correction comes from a lawyer or a person threatening a legal response, the Publisher may elect to consult with legal counsel before any response or decision is made about how to handle the complaint and publish the correction.

Procedure For Corrections

Readers who wish to alert editors about a correction must email [email protected].

Oftentimes an article may be updated and expanded upon following its original posting, for example as a story unfolds, or to add additional details, or to make corrections such as to spelling, grammar, typography, or other small corrections. In this circumstance, we do not flag every change in the article, unless the change is significant and where a clarification may be required.

Articles requiring significant correction however will be updated with a notice at the end of that article indicating what has been clarified or corrected. If the error is serious enough, this notice may be placed at the top of the article. Errors egregious enough may require the deletion of the entire article.