Saturday July 18th, 2015
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The Alley Art Show & Sale returns for their 4th show!

The Alley Art Show & Sale returns to Maiden Lane Saturday July 18 from noon unitl 9 p.m. and Sunday July 19 from noon until 6 p.m. for our fourth annual show. Featuring over 50 local artist.
Maiden Lane will be filled with music, buskers, performances, face painting, live painting, interactive photography booths, Yoga and so much more. This year Alley Art has expanded into fashion, Saturday July 18 at 8pm join us in the laneway to check out the latest fashions that local designers have been creating. This show will feature Windsor’s best designers & models. “Fashion in the Alley” is a FREE show, organized by Hello Beautiful Custom fashion & Bridal Boutique. Alley Art is brought to you by H.Teahan Photography, The Squirrel Cage & the Downtown BIA

“It’s (Alley Art) is about showing our community that Windsor has some truly amazingly talented people here, a great way to bring people together is thru art… we were all artists when we were children, and over time we simply have forgotten to create, perhaps all we need to inspire us again is a simple spark from others.”- Teahan

The feedback from the community, the artist and local business owners and everyone involved over the last four shows were overwhelming. Here are just a few examples:

It’s a great way to get people of all ages in the community together especially in that space. It’s so rarely used and a lot of people don’t even know it’s there… kind of like a hidden gem right in downtown Windsor. – Em Gorzelink (Photographer)

It encouraged people to spend time outside with their friends and community. It attracted a variety of tastes due to the diversity in artists and performing musicians. It informed people on current artists and small businesses in their area. It creatively used community space. – Theodore Hogan (Face Painter, Jazz Musician)

One of the coolest things I liked about the Alley Art Show was the fact that music was part of the event – so there was visual as well as auditory art. There was even dance – so it was an immersion of the senses into the local art scene. – Elizabeth Essex (Artist)
As a downtown business owner who’s right around the corner the event brings people in to local businesses who also sell local goods, plus of course it benefits those talented people who participate in the show! – Harmony Peach (local business owner)

To see a full list of artists & performers please visit our facebook event page.
Fashion in the Alley


Maiden Lane
1 Maiden Lane
Windsor, Ontario

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