Saturday October 4th, 2014
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Service This performance is a re-envisioning of the once ubiquitous sharpening trucks that travel through urban neighbourhoods ringing a bell to advertise their service. Instead of a truck, Patrick and Barbara use matching bicycles fitted with a custom cart. In anticipation of congested and cyclist-unfriendly streets, the pair have summoned the guidance of Saint Catherine of the Wheel, the patron saint of knife grinders and craftsmen that utilize wheels (spinners, millwrights, and – for the artists’ purposes – cyclists). The duo sport shirts and bicycle safety flags depicting the Saint brandishing a blade.

Patrick and Barbara pedal through the streets of Windsor towing all the water stones required to hand-sharpen knives and scissors. They also tow a custom wooden bench that is used during the sharpening process. Should someone flag them down, the duo will dismount their bikes and set up their station. Often the pair will set up at a predetermined location, such as a farmer’s market or community centre for a longer period of knife sharpening. Knives to be sharpened take about 20 minutes to complete and go through a series of repetitive strokes over a number of increasingly fine grits of stone. This slow and careful method of sharpening allows for conversations to take place between the performers and the public. The tools to be sharpened come from members of the public who have been encouraged to bring a tool to the performance or happen to carry a pocketknife on their person.



Charles Clark Square
City Hall Square
Windsor, Ontario

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