Tuesday April 4th, 2017
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Meditation & Painting will be a very relaxed event continuing on a biweekly basis with many unique art activities.
Let me tell you about my idea!
I have always enjoyed meditation and was drawn to the concept of calming our mind. Those that know me or those that attended my recent solo art show know I love to paint. Now, I have combined both! I would love to share my passion with you and take you to this wonderful place inside your mind where you will find peace and creativity through a very relaxing atmosphere.
Come with an open heart and give yourself this gift of relaxation!
The event will be a guided meditation (for approx. 45 min) listening to my voice and the wonderful music around you. Please, bring your yoga mat, a pillow, perhaps another small pillow for your feet and a blanket. Your body, your extremities often get cold during a session. Please wear very comfortable clothes as we will be taking deep breathes in and out.
Please DO NOT eat anything heavy and try to have your dinner two hours before meditation.
It will be very hard to breathe in steady with a full stomach!!! I encourage you to follow this in order to fully enjoy yourself and dedicate your time and body to this relaxation sensation. After our meditation, a short amount of time is allotted for stretching and using the bathroom before we begin to draw/paint. Once you are ready, you will have a seat, or stand if you prefer by the easel and you will start to draw and paint your vision you have seen during your meditation. I will be very happy to help you all the way through your drawing and painting stages. Participants will be taking their drawing and/or painting home with them as canvases are provided.
I am anxiously looking forward to guiding you through this meditation and your drawing/painting creation.
Thank you for participating and spreading the word!

Many Blessings! Nora


SHŌ Art, Spirit and Performance
628 Monmouth Road
Windsor, Ontario

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