Thursday November 5th, 2015
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Due to popular demand, this seminar is offered twice this month, for your convenience. Lunch & Learns about this popular course have been offered in the past. Come and learn skills the full course can offer.

Choosing to Have the Conversation
Your first step in managing a difficult conversation (even if it happens suddenly) is to consider the potential outcomes and decide whether or not the conversation has enough value for you. This session will show participants ways to consider the consequences, as well as how to explore their frame of reference, establish positive intent, and identify what they want from the conversation.

Toolkit for Successful Conversations
Good communication skills are crucial for a successful conversation. This session will give participants tools for managing their body language, speaking persuasively, active listening, asking questions, and using probing techniques.

Choosing the Time and Place
This session will give participants tips on choosing a good meeting place and time for a difficult conversation (if they have that option).

Framework for Difficult Conversations
Next, participants will explore a seven-step framework for difficult conversations. They will also create a template to help them plan future conversations.

Staying Safe
In this session, participants will learn how to handle conversations which might be a threat to their safety.

Testing the Waters
To wrap up the course, participants will role play a difficult conversation that they have recently encountered.

Workshop Wrap-Up


The Training Room
Windsor, Ontario

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