Police Make Drug Bust

Thursday April 22nd, 2021

Posted at 2:57pm

Windsor Police have made a significant seizure of drugs as a result of a recent investigation.
In March of 2021, officers began an investigation into the suspected trafficking of illicit drugs. During the course of the investigation a suspect, vehicle and a residence were identified as being involved.
Judicial authorization to search the involved residence and vehicle were applied for and granted.
On Wednesday, April 20st1, 2021, at 9:15 pm, the suspect was located and arrested without incident in the 3100 block of Howard Avenue. The suspect was driving the identified vehicle which was seized as evidence.
At 9:45 pm, officers attended the 3600 block of Askin Avenue and executed the search warrant. A large quantity of illicit drugs and currency was located. A BB gun, which appeared to be a firearm, was also located and seized. Further, a quantity of illicit drugs was located inside the seized vehicle.
Brian Gosse, a 53 year old male from Windsor, is charge  two counts of with possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine (2087.7 grams total), possession for the purpose of trafficking fentanyl (112.9 grams) and possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine (30.8 grams).

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