SIU Ends Harrow Investigation

Monday July 13th, 2020

Posted at 9:02pm


The SIU has terminated an investigation into the arrest last month of a 26-year-old man in Harrow.

It was on the night of June 23th, 2020, that OPP responded to a mischief call on Secord Avenue and located a 26-year-old man.

Following a struggle, the man was arrested and placed in the back of an OPP cruiser. Due to medical concerns, EMS was called. While in the back of the cruiser, the man smashed his head and face off the plexiglass partition in the rear with great force. He was removed from the OPP cruiser and transported to the hospital by EMS.

“Based upon the SIU’s preliminary inquiries, which included a review of the man’s medical records, it is apparent that the SIU is without jurisdiction to continue with the investigation. Though the matter was reported to the SIU as involving a brain bleed and concussion, it is now clear that neither injury was in fact diagnosed. Rather, following his arrest by the OPP, the man was taken to hospital where the extent of his injuries was ultimately determined to consist of a subdural hematoma of no significant mass or effect. As the injury does not amount to a “serious injury” within the terms of the SIU’s statutory jurisdiction, the investigation is hereby discontinued, and the file is closed,” said Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino.

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