OPP Lay Dozens Of Charges Over Long Weekend

Tuesday August 6th, 2019

Posted at 3:19pm


The Essex County OPP laid dozens of charges over the long weekend.

It was part of a Province wide traffic enforcement initiative with a focus on motor vehicle drivers who fail to move over for emergency vehicles.

During the four-day initiative officers laid more than 160 charges including the following:

  • 79 Speeding
  • 9 Failing To Move Over for Emergency Vehicle
  • 8 Other Moving Violations
  • 2 Stunt Driving
  • 1 Seatbelt
  • 2 Distracted Driving
  • 38 Other Highway Traffic Act Charges
  • 11 Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act Charges
  • 4 Marine Offences
  • 5 Other Provincial Statute Offences
  • 5 Narcotics Offences

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