Additional Charges Laid Against Rescue Group Founder

Wednesday July 10th, 2019

Posted at 10:16am


Windsor/Essex County Humane Society officers have laid three additional provincial animal cruelty charges against a Windsor woman in relation to the alleged neglect of nine dogs under her care as part of Royals Animal Rescue Service.

Officials say that she has been charged with failing to provide adequate and appropriate food and water, failing to provide adequate and appropriate sanitary conditions and ventilation, and failing to comply with orders issued under the Ontario SPCA Act.

All nine dogs have been seized by the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society, and are being held under court order until the resolution of the matter.

Her name has not been releases as it is the policy of the Humane Society not to publish the names of individuals charged until there has been a conviction, as all people charged with an offence are presumed innocent.

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