Police Investigate Report Of A Male Impersonating A Windsor Police Officer

Monday June 10th, 2019

Posted at 2:57pm


Windsor Police are investigating a report of a male suspect who impersonated a Windsor Police officer.

According to police, the incident is reported to have occurred in the area of Riverside Drive East and Belleperche Place on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 between 2:15am and 4:15am.

They say that an adult female victim, driving a small red sedan, pulled over for a vehicle that was driving behind her with a red and blue light flashing on the vehicle.

A male suspect exited the vehicle wearing what was described as a Windsor Police Service button-down shirt with no other police clothing or equipment. The suspect asked for the victim’s licence and vehicle documents which were provided.

After a lengthy wait in the vehicle, the suspect returned and demanded money from the victim while holding an unknown weapon. A quantity of money was taken, and the victim and suspect both left the area.

The vehicle is described as a black sedan, similar to a Dodge Charger with Ontario licence plate possibly starting with “BJ” or “BJJ.” It had dark tinted windshield with darker tint at the top half and a roof light.

The suspect is described as a white male in his early to mid-’50s, and approximately 5’9″. He had a gold left front tooth and missing a right front tooth, wrinkles on his face with sores on the left cheek, dark brown hair with lots of grey, worn short and messy “surfer style,” bushy eyebrows, brown mustache with grey highlights and a brown beard extending past the chin.

He wore a Windsor Police Service button-down t-shirt and dark pants.

Windsor Police would like to remind the public that if at any time during a vehicle stop or interaction with someone identifying them self as a police officer, you can request to see credentials. If there is ever a doubt that an actual police officer is stopping you, do not hesitate to call Windsor Police or 911.

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