Local Expert Blog: Pregnancy And Oral Health

Saturday February 23rd, 2019

Posted at 11:00am


Dr. Ali Al Safi from Emeryville Family Dental is back with another great Local Expert Blog on how to keep your dental health in shape!

Pregnancy and oral health

During pregnancy regular dental check ups and dental cleanings are very important for a woman’s oral health. X-rays should not be taken before pregnancy or during pregnancy. One of the main oral concerns during pregnancy is pregnancy gingivitis. The surge in hormones during pregnancy increases the risk of gum disease. Many pregnant women notice that their gums tend to bleed more easily when brushing and flossing. This is due to their gums being more sensitive to plaque. Pregnancy gingivitis in usually seen at about the 12th week of pregnancy and it is possible that it may continue through the whole pregnancy. Visiting the dentist more frequently, getting a good cleaning and paying close attention to your oral hygiene will help reduce plaque build up and can help prevent pregnancy gingivitis.

Pregnancy Epulis

Pregnant women are also at risk for developing what are called Epulis. It is when a benign growth develops on the gums. A pregnancy epulis may not need to be treated but if you find it interferes with eating, brushing and or flossing then talk to your dentist about removing it.

Damage from stomach acid

During pregnancy both nausea and vomiting can occur due to acid reflux. Acid reflux can damage the enamel of the tooth. Using a fluoride mouth rinse will help neutralise the acid and help with protecting the teeth during vomiting. Regular brushing also helps with the stomach acid, but if brushing with a normal size tooth brush makes morning sickness worse, try using a child size tooth brush with different kind of tooth paste. Avoid further acid exposure by avoiding soft drinks and citrusy drinks.

Impacted Wisdom teeth

Even before becoming pregnant it is advised by your dentist to have your wisdom teeth looked at. Having the dentist look at them will give them a better understanding if they are likely to become impacted during pregnancy. If they do become impacted during pregnancy it can be a very serious matter. Treatment before pregnancy would help avoid having to do x rays, using anaesthesia and surgery which all come with risk while pregnant.

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