New Distracted Driving Laws Starts January 1st

Monday December 31st, 2018

Posted at 3:07pm

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It is about to get more costly if you get busted for texting and driving.

Starting January 1st, a new mandatory three-day driver’s license suspension upon first conviction takes effect.

The new minimum fine for a first offence of distracted driving will increase to $615 if settled out of court, up from the current minimum of $490, with a maximum fine of up to $1,000.

That first offence will also come with three demerit points.

“Our goal is to keep our roadways safe for everyone and the increase in penalties is indicative ‎that many drivers continue to disregard this law. Driving remains a privilege and upon conviction of this offence you will lose your driver’s licence,”  said Inspector Glenn Miller, Detachment Commander for the Essex County OPP.

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