Police Raid Marijuana Shop In Essex

Thursday November 8th, 2018

Posted at 9:57am

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A marijuana shop in Essex has been raided by OPP officers.

Police executed a search warrant under the Cannabis Act of Canada at a commercial location on Talbot Street North in the town of Essex.

As a result, a quantity of cash, cannabis and cannabis edibles were seized.

A 36 year old man and three adult women were arrested at the scene.

Scott Fletcher, age 36 of Essex, Caitlynn Reid, age 20 of Leamington, Sydnee Sleeman, age 20 of Leamington, and Chelsea Stevenson, age 25 of Essex are charged with Possession of Cannabis for the Purpose of Selling contrary to Section 10(2) of the Cannabis Act of Canada.

This is the second raid on a local marijuana shop this week.

The OPP is reminding the public that although cannabis laws have recently changed, it remains illegal to purchase cannabis from any other source than a government approved retailer.

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