Local Experts Blogs: Press The Reset Button And Regain Control Of Your Body From Your Fat Cells

Saturday November 18th, 2017

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Sponsored story by Joanne Duff, Laser Technician at Tecumseh Laser Centre TLC & Zerona Canada:

Press the Reset Button and Regain Control of Your Body from Your Fat Cells
The Alternative to Liposuction
(Why You Don’t Want to Destroy Your Fat Cells)

Most of us think of our fat cells as the enemy which form saddle bags, love handles and muffin tops, robbing us from our self-confidence. In our efforts to regain that youthful appearance, many of us often look to treatments or procedures that focus on the elimination of fat cells; such as liposuction which kill fat cells. However, recent medical studies research in to how fat cells work now tells us that this approach, in the long-run, is not only in-effective but counter-productive.

Your Fat is an Organ

Previously viewed as the body’s storage depot, recent research shows fat affect an astounding number of bodily functions. As an endocrine organ, healthy lean fat is incredible and supports the process that keep us lean! It helps regulate our metabolism, our immune system and produces hormones and proteins, all of which are essential to a lean healthy body. When fat cells become enlarged this critical organ essentially malfunctions at the exact job it is meant to manage, in turn creating damaging effects to our health leading to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and inflammatory disorders. Not to mention fatigue, joint paint and low self-esteem.

Fat Controls Your Brain

Our fat releases many hormones that affect our mood, hunger and countless number of bodily functions. A hormone called Leptin is secreted by our fat cells when we eat which tells our brain that we are full. When our fat cells become enlarged the Leptin signal is constantly being sent and the hypothalamus gland, which like an overloaded beaker, switches off and stops responding to the signal so we never get the message to stop eating. Therefore, the larger we get the more out of control the cycle becomes. Even when we know we are digging a deeper grave with our eating habits we still can’t get out of the deadly loop because our hormones are controlling our brain.

The Impact of Enlarged Fat Cells

Healthy lean fat cells secrete a hormone called Adiponectin which assists the liver in processing or removing fat and toxins, our muscles to utilize insulin and keeps our blood pressure down. When fat cells become enlarged they don’t produce enough Adiponectin and thus the liver becomes less efficient, muscles cannot use glucose for energy, more fat gets stored and there is an increase in blood pressure. There are also two other hormones that in a lean body regulate the immune system control fatty acid and cholesterol production, however, obesity can lead to a surplus resulting in high cholesterol, heart disease and insulin resistance, leading to type 2 diabetes. The bottom line is that enlarged fat cells can send our entire body into dysfunction.

How to Press the Reset Button

How do we get off the vicious growing fat spiral? First, see your fat as an organ and not an enemy! Cutting out or killing fat cells certainly is not the answer. If you had a breathing problem you wouldn’t cut out a lung but would attempt to get this essential organ working right. Your fat cells are the greatest ally you have in the battle of the bulge if you press the “reset button” and cause them to send the right message to your brain. There is the traditional message of diet and exercise, at which 80% of people will fail because of the exceptional will power it takes to overcome the cascade of hormonal forces listed above, or there is Zerona. Fat cells, like all cells in the body, communicate to one another through a series of neuro connections. Zerona causes our fat cells to release their fatty content for safe removal from the body by the lymphatic system. These fat cells now begin to act and function like healthy lean fat cells again, releasing the correct messages to your brain and they begin a communication cascade throughout the fat organ causing other fat cells to react the same way, releasing their content and returning their hormone responses back to the positive! In other words, you need your fat cells to communicate this message to become lean.

Why Liposuction Does Not Solve the Problem

If you are looking only at spot reduction you should be aware that procedures such as liposuction, or those that kill fat cells, cam at best provide temporary improvement in your appearance. Statistics show that within the first year the fat cells will regenerate or grow larger in new areas of your body, such as the arms and back, to compensate for what was taken (perhaps the fat organ’s attempt to heal itself). Fat will then start to regenerate in the treated areas within 4-5 years. The latest research shows that these fat cells can multiply up to 300 billion, shattering the previous notion that fat cells could only grow larger, but couldn’t grow new cells. This is where a procedure like Zerona can make a significant difference. Zerona is a non-invasive, low-level laser therapy solution that effectively helps “reset” your fat cells to their healthy lean state and gives you back control.

Zerona is the only device I the world clinically proven to reduce fat. The ultimate validation of the Zerona treatment is seen in the tens of thousands of successful patients who not only got lean, sometimes for the first time in their lives, but once and for all triumphed over the vicious cycle that had been keeping them from losing the fat in the first place.

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