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  • Thursday December 6th, 2012

    Posted at 11:41am

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    The 500 block of University Avenue West as seen in Google Earth

    Windsor Police are asking for the public’s help to identify a man who opened his vehicle door in the path of an eBike on University Avenue West.

    The incident happened Tuesday afternoon around 1:30pm. Windsor Police were flagged down by two people near the Tim Horton’s on University Avenue West. A female was standing by an eBike and a male was bent over slightly holding his knee. Investigation revealed that a grey sedan had been parked along the South curb of University facing East. The female was driving the eBike East on University in the bike lane.

    A lone male occupant of a parked sedan suddenly opened the driver’s door of his vehicle.

    The edge of the door impacted on the male eBike passenger’s right knee cap, slicing it open. Officers requested an ambulance for the male passenger and he was transported to hospital for stitches. The occupant of the parked vehicle left the scene Westbound on University Avenue West.

    The suspect is described as male white, short black hair, fair skinned, 6′ tall, medium build, grey jacket. The description of the vehicle is that it was a newer sedan similar to a Ford 500, grey in colour.

    Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to call Windsor Police Traffic Branch at (519)-255-6700 ex# 4211 or anonymously to crime stoppers at (519)-258-TIPS (8477)

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    • cpaul

      Is there any evidence the car door was opened on purpose to hit the e-biker? It might be the e-bikers who is responsible. What was the path of the ebike…sidewalk, road, or off road? I’ve seen e-bikes on all 3 with no regard for vehicle traffic.

      I saw an e-bike run a red light last week and almost get hit…just to continue on to not stop at a stop sign. If this person were to get hit, it would be a tragedy to see the driver of the vehicle be put at fault.

      Does anyone else have these types of experiences with e-bikes?!

    • Lisa RadiantOne Moore

      why would you think the driver opened his door on purpose? its still a hit and run is it not? did the driver attempt to make sure everyone was all right? the ebike was in the bike lane which is the correct place for them to be driving. I have seen many drivers do illegal things with cars and I have been hit while riding my bike on the road. All bike riders and ebike drivers have to be aware of so many extra distractions that irresponsible car drivers create.

    • Greenvoltage

      @cpaul, I think you have missed this line in the article. “The female was driving the eBike East on University in the bike lane.”

    • John Wesley

      doesn t really matter who is at fault driver of the bike should be as observent as if he is driving a motorcycle cause most people have no regards for cars or bikes when opening their car doors to traffic see it all the time nothing done about it