Thursday June 25th, 2015
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Pre-Assignment Review
To start the day, participants will discuss the answers to their pre-assignment.

Verbal Communication
This session will explore the components of a good sales voice and how participants can sound their best on the telephone. Participants will also think about what customers hear when they place a phone call to their organization, and how they can create a service image.

To Serve and Delight
In this session, participants will look at other facets of language and how we can be better salespeople by choosing positive language.

Exceptional Things about Selling by Phone
This session will help participants put a different spin on selling by phone. Topics will include maintaining a positive outlook, building rapport, and remembering names.

Building Trust
Next, participants will discuss ways to build trust and respect.

It’s More Than Just a Phase
A good understanding of the phases of negotiation is a great asset to a sales professional. This session will explore the phases of negotiation and introduce participants to some of the most common types of negotiation.

Communication Essentials
During this session, participants will work on their listening and questioning skills.

Developing Your Script
Now that participants have some fundamental tools, they will develop a script that can be used for any sales call.

Pre-Call Planning
We do not believe in a canned call, but we do believe in a planned call. This session will highlight the important steps in call planning.

Phone Tag and Call Backs
Next, participants will discuss some ways to make the most of voice mail.

Following Up
During this session, participants will identify ways to avoid missed opportunities by tracking their calls and following up.

Closing the Sale
This final session will give participants some ways to ask for and close the sale.

Workshop Wrap-Up


The Training Room
363 Eugenie Street
Windsor, Ontario

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