Sunday December 7th, 2014
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Reiki Level III (Master Teacher)

pre-registration required

In these classes you will:

• learn the Master Symbol
• review symbols from Level II, along with experiences using them
• be given third degree attunement and Master attunement
• learning how to give attunements to students
• learn basic pendulum use
• some basic crystal use for treatments
• reviewing the Code of Ethics
• some marketing ideas for your Reiki practice
• doing complete sessions as if you were with a client

After these two classes are completed you will be given your Level III Reiki certificate, which includes Master Level.

Why Pursue Reiki Level III?

Master Level Reiki gives you the freedom to teach and spread the healing on a much larger scale. This level gives you the tools needed to complete your training, receive full certification, and pass on what you know to others. If you’ve come this far Reiki is obviously a passion and something you love to do. I thank you for sharing that passion!

Tracey Rogers received her Reiki Master certificate in 2008.

Tracey is certified with the Canadian Reiki Association.
Learning from a certified teacher will streamline the process of certification for you if you choose to pursue Reiki as more than an at-home practice.

When: Sunday November 30th 9am – 4pm
Sunday December 7th 9am – 4pm

Both days are mandatory to receive your Master Level Certificate.

Please be prepared to go to a local restaurant for lunch.

Cost: $300 tax included

Please contact Tracey to pre-register for this class

[email protected]


White Feather Holistic Arts
1350 Ottawa St
Windsor, Ontario

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