Tuesday February 25th, 2020


A social experiment for facilitating deeper connections with conversation. 6 pm to 8pm on February 25th, We invite all introverts and conversation enthusiast alike to engage in a “No Small Talk” night. Small Talk topics will be banned and prompting pre made questions will be asked in groups and no side conversations had. The more diverse the group of people the better, so invite away.

$10 entrance fee, as we have the place to ourselves for better conversation atmosphere. However a price drop to $5 will be announced if confirmed number of guests breaks even from space rental fee, more incentive to confirm!

Food can be pre ordered (head to facebook event page to message the facilitator for menu options) and beverages can be ordered and enjoyed anytime. A great date night idea we can keep couples in same groups.

If you crave a deeper connection in person or love talking philosophy, or even if your the person petting the cat at house parties to avoid weather and job questions this night may be perfect for you. This will be an all inclusive judgement free night.


Green Bean Cafe
Lower Level of UCC, 2320 Wyandotte St West, Windsor, Ontario
Windsor, Ontario

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