Saturday April 11th, 2015
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Microsoft Summit – Windsor
Event ID: 1032618408
Meal: Yes
GET INSPIRED! The ability for students to work online and offline, to create and consume information, and shape a student’s own learning environment are some of the foundations to teaching and learning outcomes that we at Microsoft take so seriously. With many options available to teachers today, it can be a challenge to determine the most effective tools needed to prepare our students to successfully compete for 21st century jobs. We invite you to join us for a full day of fun and learning as we engage in hands-on demos and discussions.

Join LEARNstyle CEO, DJ Cunningham as he talks about the relevance of technology in the lives of 21st Century learners. Through fun and engaging personal anecdotes about growing up with an LD and ADHD, DJ highlights practical ways of implementing education technology tools in the classroom.

GET FAMILIAR! See how easy it is to transform how students learn, combining familiar pen input with tools and education apps that leverage the best learning for all styles. Stay close to home or go beyond the walls of the classroom and connect your students to the world through collaboration and sharing tools.

GET HANDS-ON! Have fun and participate as we demo how collaboration and sharing comes alive with Microsoft technology and devices. Explore the unique benefits of OneNote to collaborate and track student portfolios, deliver innovative math and science lessons using pen inputs, and learn the benefits of the complete Microsoft suite of tools that can deliver what no one else can. In addition, join Desire2Learn who will share best practices for online learning.

COLLABORATE WITH YOUR PEERS! We will poll the audience and host teacher-driven round tables discussions focusing on topics such as Gamification, Advanced O365 and Collaboration.

FEES: Only $25/person for a full day of fun and learning – guests must register online prior to the event.
PLEASE NOTE: your registration is not complete until payment has been received. Please click the link below to pay securely via PayPal: http://www.kaleidoscoperesults.com/Microsoft/Summit2015/windsor/index.html


Centre for the Arts Building
201 Riverside Drive West
Windsor, Ontario

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