Friday March 14th, 2014
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March Break Kids Cooking/Restaurant Camp Mon-Thu 10am to 4pm Fri 10am to 230pm

Ages 7 and up
Cost: $220/week – includes lunch and snacks each day

Kids will not only be given cooking instructions but will get a working knowledge of how a restaurant runs. They will be taught some basic cooking techniques, knife skills, safe food handling, and recipes but also be trained to work in a restaurant setting; dishwashing, serving tables etc. The kids will get hands on instruction throughout the week culminating in a working lunch on Friday at 12 noon. The kids will be working the dining room and serving some of the dishes they helped create for the general public. We invite all parents and relatives to come in for that special lunch service. They will get a first hand account of what it means to work in a restaurant, tips and all. Lunch and snacks are included on a daily basis.

The kids will get a hands experience supplemented with discussions about where our food comes from, local food knowledge, and games that will help them expand their cultural understanding of food and its importance.

For more information please contact Rino’s Kitchen
[email protected] or message us on our FB page or call 519-962-8843


Rino's Kitchen & Ale House
131 Elliott Street West
Windsor, Ontario

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