Saturday July 13th, 2019


Found Audio: Nuances of Audio Appropriation is a workshop and dance event featuring the research and sound of David Bergeron, sound artist and composer. The event will begin with an hour long artist talk, followed by an open discussion concerning nuances of appropriation in pop culture. After this, Bergeron will perform an hour-long set. Be prepared for some delightful talks about the nature of art-making and the effects of internet, followed by a boogie!

Artist Workshop
Audio appropriation is the practice of using pre-existing audio as ones source material often without permission. The genre (and meme) Vaporwave is arguably the most popular example of audio appropriation .
Vaporwave is often viewed as a joke saturated with irony, but can it be contextualized within a longer tradition of music creation? David will contextualize the practice of audio appropriation back to its earliest literal forms, while examining the term “music producer” attempting to discuss the impact Vaporwave had on modern producer mentality.

Artist Bio
David Bergeron’s recent work is largely electronic in nature, exploring the concepts of experimental, generative, and genre. Bergeron utilizes his skills as a composer, guitarist and programmer to push boundaries, hoping to build engaging experiences. They find creative output to be multifaceted and difficult to manage from a brand perspective. Bergeron embraces the scattered nature of creativity, choosing to exist in a (potentially imagined) point between the dichotomy of “academic” and “popular” music.
Bergeron aims to engage audiences by challenging the expectations placed upon them in the context of community and by extension location. He engages with many communities attempting to find crossover between them within my own identity. This dissonance has nurtured another aspect of Bergeron’s musical practice, researching genre and community in music.


Artcite sits on the traditional territory of the Three Fires Confederacy of First Nations, comprised of the Ojibway, the Odawa, and the Potawatomie.
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