Saturday April 12th, 2014
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A deeply impressive film that depicts the life of the “Miracle Healer”, Bruno Groening and the great healings that took place during his lifetime. Up to 30,000 people daily were drawn to the “Traberhof” near Rosenheim, it became a world event. Those who throng to see him were not followers, fans or groupies. They were sick people, the so-called “incurables”. For many, it is their last ray of hope. Beaten down by the war, given upon by their doctors, they had only one wish, and that was to become healthy and free from pain and suffering. Healings, even of so-called incurable diseases, are occurring today just as they did during his lifetime and are verified by medical physicians around the world.

This film is, however, more than a documentary glance at the past. Many viewers have reported the disappearance of pain, handicaps, and other forms of suffering. Anyone seeking help should not miss this film. Screenings are free, donation is appreciated. To reserve seats, please contact: Mrs. Gertrude Kovacs at (519) 945-9189


Giovanni Caboto Club, Marconi Hall
2175 Parent Avenue
Windsor, Ontario

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