Saturday May 9th, 2015
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Ojibway Prairie hosts 4 000 species, of which 160 are at risk, including 6 endangered and 11 threatened in Ontario. It represents Canada’s, and the world’s, most endangered ecosystem. Save Ojibway is trying to protect this rare and unique ecosystem for future generations.

A 5km Run/Walk for Mother Earth and Friends of Save Ojibway will take place May 9th, 2015 at Malden Park from 9am to 12pm, to raise funds to protect Ojibway for future generations.

May 9th was selected, as it is International Migratory Bird Day, in honour of the 9 endangered/threatened birds that live and feed in Ojibway. There will be prizes awarded to top pledges and also to each child who participates in the kids 1 Km dash.

All participating children will receive a special treat from Sweet Revenge Bake Shop.

1 km Kid Dash 9:00 am ($10 entry fee)

5 km Adult run 9:30 am ($20 entry fee)

Entry Fee waived for runners raising $50+ in pledges.

This a family friendly event!

Emily Duff will be facilitating a free mini music workshop from 11:00am- 1130am. For more info on Emily and her offering please visit http://www.gsdmusic.ca/about/.

Registration forms can be found here: http://www.saveojibway.info/services.html
For more information please call Nancy at (519) 978-3590.

Gregory S Duff Music
LaSalle Fitness
South Detroit Studio
Sweet Revenge Bake Shop


Malden Park
Windsor, Ontario

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