Zero Waste Initiative See Huge Waste Reduction At Can-Am Police-Fire Games

Monday August 1st, 2022

Posted at 9:43am


A zero waste initiative at the opening ceremonies of the Can-Am saw staff and volunteers collect all cups, paper, food scraps and more to ensure each was put into the proper container for disposal.

Over a seven-hour event with more than 2,000 people, only two garbage bags of landfill waste were collected. Everything else was either recycled or composted.

“Congratulations on the zero waste initiative at the opening ceremonies. It appeared to be very popular, and I have heard several people state how impressed they were. I think you have created the new standard for events relative to waste management. The volunteers were very effective and personable, and there was no ground garbage to head into the river, so I was very happy,” said Port Authority Harbour Master Peter Berry.

The zero waste initiative for the opening ceremonies was organized by the City of Windsor, the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority and the YQG Green Networking Group, supported by Greener Farms and GFL Environmental Ltd, and processing involved 20 volunteers.

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