PHOTOS: Phase I Completion Of Downtown Windsor Art Alley Brightens Up Backstreet

Friday May 27th, 2022

Posted at 10:19pm


On your next stroll in the city core, you’ll notice a bright new art installation behind the Pelissier Parking Garage featuring multiple artists.

The Downtown Windsor’s Business Revitalization Association and Downtown BIA is happy to announce the completion of Phase I of a number of art projects in their Art Alley, newly dressed up in beautiful creative works done by locals.

Currently done is a portion of the Lampshade Installation project and bright graffiti in the area with added lighting. Soon to come is more graffiti on both sides of the alleyway, additional lampshades and the addition of a beer garden to allow for drinks and food choices to be added in to downtown Windsor’s markets that take place at the parking garage.

The initiative is supported by the federal government, Foundations of Canada and the WindsorEssex Community Foundation. It is brought to life by the Downtown Windsor Revitalization Association, the Downtown Windsor BIA, the Downtown Districting Committee, the City of Windsor, and partner contractors hand-in-hand with some of the regions talented artists. Learn more about the project, the art and artists on the BIA’s website here.

The area of the project that is to be a beer garden area.

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